Hi, I'm Star.

I make computers do stuff.

Schism Tracker


When my DOS-based music composition tool of choice, Impulse Tracker, proved difficult to run on modern computers, I started looking for a suitable replacement, but none of the available options had the same "finger feel". This led me to pour countless hours of my time over the next few years into studying and building a faithful cross-platform reimplementation.



An assortment of unrelated tiny tools, toys, and curiosities for playing, scanning, ripping, and converting various audio formats. Included herein: pm (a module player), pymod (another module player), itscomp (audio compression experiments), itgrep (.it file scanner), gym2it (a hilarious mess), genrip (a Sega Genesis sample ripper), and soda (a noise-making toy language).

My music

Anticadent //FIXME

I don't just write music software, I make music in it too. I currently have two full-length albums on Bandcamp of experimental, instrumental, electronic music that I put together using Schism Tracker (along with a few other programs).



Matsuba is an imageboard script, from a time when imageboards were trendy and Python web programming was a new frontier. While not particularly fascinating by modern standards, it is self-contained, flexible, and lightweight, and uses a number of tricks to minimize server load. It has been adapted to fit a variety of use cases, including a blog engine, bug tracker, and text message board.



Someone told me once that I couldn't be a Real Progammer™ if I hadn't written any games, so I tapped out a Tetris clone one lazy afternoon. Now it's the only version I play! While it's light on features, it does keep a high-score table and has sound effects vaguely reminiscent of the classic 8-bit Nintendo version.



I wrote this Internet Relay Chat client to monitor a number of channels on an airgapped network at an old job. Since I couldn't use a USB drive, I had to print and retype the code to bring it in — thus, the source needed to be highly compact. Still, it became rather popular at that office for somehow improving upon the other available options.